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We use Laravel Passport behind the scenes to generate industry standard OAuth bearer tokens.

Generating a token


{info} The url for generating a token is:

Method URI Headers
POST /token Content-Type: application/json

URL Params


Data Params

    "email"    : "required|string|email",
    "password" : "required|password"

The content-type of application/json only needs to be set if raw JSON is sent in the body.

{info} The email and password is the same as you have registered your account from the dashboard.

{info} Token request example

    "email"    : "[email protected]",
    "password" : "fake_password"

{success} Success Response

Code 200


    "data": {
        "api_bearer_token": "eyJ0eXA....s_qrQ"

{danger} Error Response, the data params are missing or can't authorize the user.

Code 403

Reason This action is unauthorized