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Get the guidance details, the rating and comments, for a piece of content by id, use your generated token in the a header as the authorization bearer token.

Content ratings and comments

Use the content id for a single item from your content search.


{info} The url for searching for content is:{id}.

Method URI Headers
GET /content{id} Authorization: Bearer {token}

URL Params

    "id"         : "required|number"

Data Params


{info} Basic search example using a content id


{success} Success Response

Code 200


    "data": {
        "id": 2422,
        "name": "Bones",
        "year": 2001,
        "content_comments": [
                "type": "language",
                "content": "55 F-words ..."
                "type": "nudity",
                "content": "We see a young woman ..."
                "type": "violence",
                "content": "A woman invites ...."
        "content_rating": {
            "nudity": 6,
            "violence": 10,
            "language": 10

{danger} Error unauthorised Response, bad authorisation bearer token used.

Code 401

Reason This action is unauthorized


    "message": "Unauthenticated."

{danger} Error not found bad content id used.

Code 404

Reason Not Found