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Provide a Instant Recommendation to consumers that what to know whether they should watch a piece of content without having to read any additional details.

Use Manage Consumers for storing your consumers and sensitivity preferences toward content.

The recommendation system combines different layers of content sensitivity tracking. The basic ranking out of 10 for each of the main categories and a deep tagging system which detects issues in our content.


{info} The url for providing instant recommendations to consumers is:{reference}/recommendation/{content_id}.

Consumer Instant Recommendation

Get the paginated list of all of your consumers that use your service. The route requires a consumer to exist, have provided preferences and for a content_id to exist

The recommendations are boolean, if null is returned consider that there isn't enough information to make a decision.

Where there are tags available the recommendation will detect what issues will effect the consumer directly, this can be helpful for giving a consumer a choice to whether they wish to watch a film or TV show.

Method URI Headers
GET /consumer/{reference}/recommendation/{content_id} Authorization: Bearer {token}

{success} Success Response

Code 200


    "data": {
        "content_name": "Rambo",
        "consumer_reference": "gIou2TWa",
        "content_recommendation_breakdown": {
            "nudity": false,
            "violence": true,
            "language": true
        "detected_preference_issues": [
            "Sexual Assault (implied or explicit)",
        "view_recommendation": false,
        "_links": {
            "related_content": {
                "href": ""

{danger} Error Response user not found

Code 404

Reason 404 Not Found - There is no consumer that matches the supplied reference

{danger} Error Response content not found

Code 404

Reason 404 Not Found - There is no content that matches the ID